In any organisation its the people that make it work….or not.

FTI was founded by a man who cut his teeth as a deep researcher for the famed Dr James Martin, who wrote in the 70’s – 90’s over 30 seminal books on computer technology and its affects on our world.

We select our staff and associates carefully, not always on academic background but a lean towards practical pragmatic experience of the real world of technology as applied.

FTI is building a network of top researchers and deep minds who can help us study the Future and bring to our subscribers and readers in depth articles that clarify the real technologies that will have an impact on our future.


RICHARD MURCH — Founder and Chief Partner

Our Founder Richard Murch wrote his first computer program in 1968 on paper tape. Since then he has had a 40 year global career in Information Technology, IT management and research. During this time, he has worked on projects in 42 countries. He is the author of four hard copy books and six Ebooks.  He has worked for IBM and Accenture and lives and works in Lexington, KY, USA.

Partner – Europe, Tony Johnson

Tony has a deep technology background that includes 2 published books, a career in media technology. he worked for illustrious names Financial Times, CNN, Guardian newspaper. Worked alongside McKinsey in Boston as client project leader, and in the Caribbean headed all technology in the largest newspaper and TV media group.  Tony will coordinate our European research.