Future Technology Institute ( TFI ) is a non profit organization  formed to provide research reports and then development products, software, media development and other aspects with new delivery mechanisms. We have offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.
TFI aims to keep up with many of the important technologies that business and consumers want more information on. At present, we have projects on the following technologies:
1. Quantum Computing
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Precision Medicine
4. VR/ Augmented Reality
5. Self Driving or Autonomous Cars
6. Drones and Unmanned Vehicles
7. Robotic Engineering
8. Publishing and Media services
9. Digital Technologies Impact
We have other technologies that we are researching on a confidential basis. The main categories are listed above, however we research and document developments in all of the sub-categories. For example, Artificial Intelligence consists of deep learning, machine learning, automated algorithms, intelligent and virtual agents, adaptive growth models and other sub-categories.

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