The Dead Sea Scrolls are made up of hundreds of religious scrolls with tens of thousands of manuscript fragments — mostly made of parchment or animal skin. Now, scientists are analyzing tiny traces of ancient DNA in these fragments to piece together the story of the early important texts In 1947, the first of the […]

UK university is finalist in Amazon Alexa Challenge

ROBOT Challenge Amazon set a challenge to improve Alexa. Hundreds of Universities around the world were invited to submit their bots to Alexa. They were tested by Alexa users and three finalists have been selected, one of which is Heriot Watt university in Edinburgh.  The competition runs until the end of November 2017.  This is […]

Rapid Application Development (RAD from a book by our founder)

This is an 82 page document. This guide is organized into three sections that provide the RAD information. These sections and their subjects are: SECTION ONE – Provides the introduction to rapid application development ( RAD ) and discusses its evolution, individual components and structure with case studies. SECTION TWO – Specifies in detail the […]