2021 The Hurricane Story

Total depressions 21 Total storms 21 Hurricanes 7 Major hurricanes(Cat. 3+) 4 Total fatalities 161 total Total damage $70.543 billion (2021 USD)(Fourth-costliest tropical cyclone season on record) The 2021 Hurricane Season officially ended on November 30th. We will provide here a summary of the season and its impact. The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season was the […]

AI Wars Part 1

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND FUTURE WARS PART 1 INTRODUCTION This article series discusses how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a significant factor in future wars with soldiers, planners and Governments. Engineers and military commanders will be equipped with autonomous weapons, drones, aircraft, ships, robots, submarines and all material of war-craft weaponry. Who ever has the fastest, intelligent, […]


THE SYSTEMS REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION REPORT – SRS INTRODUCTION A technical report by our senior partner on defining the requirements for any system. One of our consulting strengths is detailed reporting Software Development Life Cycle, or SDLC is a process used to develop software. There are different stages or phases within the software development life cycle […]