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In a previous article blog we briefly discussed the Generative AI technology in arts and writing. Well today, we will expand on that and take a good look at the overall technology which is rapidly expanding and has enormous potential in generating almost anything imaginable.

A technology to watch and enjoy.


In 2022, Artificial Intelligence got creative. AI data models can now produce remarkably convincing pieces of text, pictures, music and even videos, with plain simple English language. The pace of innovation has been remarkable—and at times overwhelming. Who could have seen it coming? And how can we predict what’s next?

When photography and cameras arrived, painters predicted the end of artwork. Sound familiar? Well, it didn’t happen. Until recently, computing power and software has had no chance of competing with humans at creative work such as art, music or even sculpture. — software and computing power have been relegated to analysis and number crunching then reporting – albeit incredibly fast. But now new mega tsunami wave of hundreds of new apps, websites and software is just starting to get amazingly good at creating almost everything imaginable. This new category is called “Generative Artificial Intelligence,”. Really smart AI software.

Get ready, for this software is coming to a computer near you- soon. You will be happy and captivated by it.

So, what exactly is generated? Good question. The short answer in the creative arts new music that you can compose, generate new artworks easily by describing what you need, create poetry. Would you like to generate a new 300-page book of fiction by describing a plot? Under development is the ability to create new TV programs and Movies. Generative AI are now generating movie scripts, where human actors can act out the film (warning- the first attempts at these movies are unbelievably bad) . They will improve when the movie script data is read by AI software- thousands of them.


“Generate a 30-minute TV program of Dr Who with William Hartnell in black and white on Mars and insert me as another character”.

So, you think this is impossible? – just wait for the surprise announcements, you will have to wait for this – as it is under development. But it will come.

And what if you could sell your newly generated series movies to Netflix, Disney, or any of the movie moguls? This spectacular new user market will evolve. Shall we generate a new video game? – and on my website have a monthly subscription where thousands of new users will sign up to play – or perhaps release a new video game each week. Generative AI is well on the way to becoming faster, cheaper, better-quality deliverables than humans. Another significant area for Generative AI will be in creating content for the Metaverse. Developers are creating AI to produce virtual concerts – everything from the Rolling Stones to The Beatles and Bach. This will lead to virtual plays and shows – anything that would interest you.

On the business side the opportunities are just as amazing with fundamentally new, opportunities and markets. It is already being used in developing new marketing strategies., new products, new drugs, discover new treatments, and advertising approaches, analysis of laws and regulations suggesting new approaches, computer code generation by describing a need that generates a software app in minutes – not days or months by conventional methods. That will make Chief Information Officers (CIO”S) and CEO”s really happy as they eliminate project budgets. The list of new opportunities is growing daily and does not stop.

So why now? How did this happen? It is really an evolutionary path of the incredible advances in artificial intelligence data models, machine learning and datasets. Entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for the best technologies. Now we have global “Vulture Capitalists” ( VC’s) falling over themselves and thrusting millions of dollars into new generative company startups grubby hands. There will be some fallout and failures – but will not stop the dynamics for this major new industry.

Developers need to release new features to continue to satisfy their customers. – Generate a 5-year strategy of new features please! – User engagement is king. These investments have galvanized startups to provide the very best applications in a fundamentally new business sphere, The race is on.

But as with any new business there are potential spikes in the pathway. Copyright for example, who own the generated artwork? the book or new video game?. This needs to clearly be specified by the generative AI developers. Another is standards – this new industry, it needs standards. Other factors such as trust, ethics and safety are paramount issues to be solved. Already an issue today is student homework? – did you write that essay? or did you generate it? Interesting. We will need identification markers to determine what is generated and what is a human creation.

Note Well: This article is written by my own fair hand, generated by my brain, and not generated by AI!

If we project a future 20 years from now, generative AI will have evolved and be deeply embedded in our society, business and industry, projects that generate themselves. imagine 3D printers generating new organs by the thousands ready for immediate transplants. There would be no global waiting lists for transplants, simple texts to the next Disney Star Wars film. What if we could generate new cancer drugs for the 200 types of cancer that exist today? This is not science fiction or hype – it is AI fact; we have already started going down these multiple AI paths. And many new generative paths and products will emerge and evolve.

The future, cost savings for the entire global industry with widespread generative AI usage will save hundreds of billions of dollars, may be even trillions of dollars in cost savings and producing new or existing products, quickly, faster and the highest quality. The global markets that generative AI addresses comprises billions of workers, jobs and employees and there lies the amazing economic value.


The future of generative AI looks bright. With the rapid advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, generative models are becoming more powerful and sophisticated. These models can generate realistic images, videos, and even text, which has numerous potential applications. One of the most exciting prospects is the ability to use generative AI to create entirely new content, such as music, paintings, and even novels. This could revolutionize the creative industries and give rise to entirely new forms of art and entertainment as we have described above. Generative AI could also be used to improve existing processes and systems, such as by automating the design of new drugs or optimizing supply chains. However, it is important to ensure that these systems are developed and used ethically, as they have the potential to be used for malicious purposes as well. Overall, the future of generative AI looks very promising, and it will be interesting to see how it will continue to shape and transform various industries in the coming years.

The possibilities are endless. And we will report on them


Richard Murch

Chief Partner

The Future Technology Institute