Stress at Work?

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Gallup Inc is a world-renowned data company that is best known for its best practices polling oftrends in many different areas, such as corporate trends, politics, and global issues.

They have been completing this important work for over 80 years and collecting high quality data from over160 countries. Its reports are used by its customers, the media, TV, Internet and many other sources.

It recently published a disturbing global report on how employees are feeling in the workplace. The results are unsettling and corporations large and small should heed the warnings that Gallup has identified.


Gallup’s new data on the global workforce reveals that employees around the world are experiencing stress at an all-time-high level, and worry, anger, and sadness remain above pre-pandemic levels.

These emotions are organizational risks: If leaders aren’t paying attention to employee wellbeing, they’re likely to be blindsided by top performer burnout and high quit rates. Today’s leaders must think beyond physical wellness to capture the broader dimensions of overall wellbeing, capture data on how their employees are doing, and make employee care a permanent part of organizational culture.

Many corporations are concluded that we are moving back to pre-pandemic levels of normality, and all will be well. This report suggests otherwise. Their employees still feel stressed, worry about their future, financial anxiety caused by lockdown, their families and loss of jobs. Gallup indicated that 44% of employee polled still feel high levels of stress EVERY DAY. A considerable of employee are also angry at what has happened to them. These figures indicate a continuing trend upwards and are at an all-time high. If you’re employed, you’re probably not surprised. The last two years have been stressful for everyone as people around the world dealt with social isolation, economic shocks, education disruptions, and serious health problems, including long-term illness and death.

Even in regions where Covid-19 has retreated, countries have been dealing with supply and labor shortages related to the pandemic.


Clearly then, corporations, large and small must accept this trend and introduce new measures, programs to combat these feelings. If not, it means loss of productivity, high levels of employee turnover (which is happening at unprecedented figures) and most of it well affect the bottom line. They will lose money. Gallup research<from March 2022 found that fewer than one in four U.S. employees felt strongly that their employer cared about their wellbeing — the lowest percentage in nearly a decade. This is an area in which<all companies can grow and change. They must.


Here we can identify how employers, large and small can address this serious problem.

1. Introduce programs that identify employee physical and emotional problems and provide the services where they can receive help and support without any negative attitudes or stigmas attached.

2. Review the data promptly and regularly take action to correct issues and hot spots quickly. Most large organizations have physical wellness programs. But these don’t always take mental health and social relationships — important influencers of physical health — into account.

3. Gallup’s research<has found that teams who feel their organization cares about them leads to data that will achieve higher customer engagement, profitability and productivity, lower turnover, and fewer safety incidents. This leads to higher profits.

4. Introduce communication programs that employees about the company what it is doing to help them, program identity internal and outside services that they can use. Management and HR should Poll employees frequently to review the data and trends.

5. Provide outside programs for employee’s families to fun, social gatherings. <When management have their finger on the pulse of their employees’ well being, they can identify potential hot spots, discover best practices, and validate which initiatives are making a difference.


We find this report by Gallup highly disturbing. When Gallup issues a report such as this the Corporate world and its management should review and then act.

The constant crush of multiple types of new technology is transforming our lives and employment so profoundly, so quickly, that it can be worrying. New systems are continuing to be implemented and used. Some employees have difficulty in keeping up with these sweeping changes. They feel left out and worried about their future. The old Corporate saying of employees “Up or Out “ is simply not acceptable. The Corporate world should monitor their employees wellbeing regularly for they are the most their profitable.

Of all the lessons learned that organizations have identified from the pandemic and after this report this one should be near the top of the list: Employee wellbeing is crucial to the organizational health. This is a different future AND CANNOT BE IGNORED. Organizations can’t function effectively — let alone, adapt, compete, and win — with struggling and suffering workers such as they are. Employee wellbeing is a risk and an opportunity that leaders can’t afford to ignore. Management and leaders — Take action – without any further delay~!

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