AI Part 2 – Should We Fear?

Terminator was really scary!

The movie Terminator and its spin off’s drew a picture of an AI that developed beyond humans spontaneously. No one ever questioned why such an intelligence should look back on human history and decide “lets wipe them all out”. I suspect we ourselves look at our future, and we are either glass half full or glass half empty people.


AI Smarter than Humans – It will never happen

Author: Richard Murch . Chief Partner AI Smarter than Humans – It will never happem Author: Richard Murch . Chief Partner First of a two part series on the likelihood of AI being dangerous _________________________________________________________ Artificial Intelligence will have more impact on human society than fire, electricity, agriculture and is now an unstoppable force. Thousands […]

Exascale – Important?

The History and Development of Exascale Computing – The New Frontier of Supercomputing DISCUSSION The concept of exascale computing emerged in the mid-2000s as researchers and scientists began to realize the limitations of current high-performance computing (HPC) systems in handling increasingly complex and data-intensive applications. The term “exascale” refers to the ability to perform a […]